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PackingsCo an aci group company is your one stop supply source for all your Packaging, Shipping and Industrial Supply needs. As Manufactory , we offer a complete line of packaging products and shipping supplies to our customers and B2B Affiliates.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality packaging materials to you at the most competitive prices and with dedicated service.

Today, packingsCo has evolved into a winning direct to consumer and business company.

For our business customers, we stock over 10,000 industry products and many custom products as well. For our shipping and moving customers, we stock a complete line of boxes, bubble rolls, packing tape, stretch wrap, covers and all the other supplies you will need to pack your belongings. experienced and knowledgeable Packaging and Shipping Specialists have spent over 30 years developing and selling packaging solutions. Our sales philosophy and growth is built upon creating long term relationships with our valued customers. We’d love to hear from you and discuss your packaging needs. Please contact a friendly and professional Packaging and Sales Specialist today. Let us review your needs and show you how we can support them.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Packingsco™ packing supplies:

Tough, durable cardboard that can stand up to the harsh conditions of shipping

Top quality packing supplies for keeping your package safe and secure.

State of the art leading manufacturing facilities to ensure quality & product safety for all of our customers.

Guaranteed for the best value at the best price!

Packingsco™ Exclusive

Complete Product Range

Packingsco™ as an ACI Group Company manufacturer and provides a wide range of boxes and packing products in the industry. Our full line of products include cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and assorted mailers.

Price & Quality

Packingsco factories represents state of the art box and packing supply manufacturing facilities in China. We provide a professional production department along with expert QC team. We will guarantee our customer a top quality product at competitive price.

Customer Service

Packingsco Factories all have ISO, FSC and SGS certification. We also have the support of an excellent management system within the company. Great customer service will be provided throughout the process.

Financial Support

Flexible payment often provided to our customers. Our mission is to help provide the best packing products at the best price.

Logistic Support

We not only provide great customer service, our logistic support will ensure full speed fast deliveries for all of our customers.

Marketing Support

Marketing support also available for all of our customers. Custom solution and OEM are also available.

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